Английский с носителем языка онлайн
English classes with
a Native speaker

Приглашаем Вас на разговорные занятия с Robin Ghose - носителем языка из Великобритании онлайн.
Вы можете проходить:
- обучение по программе General English,
- подготовку к экзамену IELTS,
- свободные разговорные встречи с коррекцией ошибок от носителя языка.

Данный преподаватель находится в Великобритании и проводит занятия только онлайн.

Стоимость занятий — 15-25 фунтов, оплата по PayPal.
Уровень: от pre-intermediate и выше.

Robin Ghose
I live in Worcestershire, one of Tolkien's "shires". A graduate in English Language and Literature and a procurement specialist, by profession, I am also a Chartered Member of the Institute of Purchasing. Teaching English started as a hobby, a little over 11 years ago. I have since helped several students in their endeavours, to improve their English. Some have even gone on to pass their IELTS exam. Planning to focus on PI, Intermediate and UI students, looking to improve their language and business communication skills, I recently obtained my CELTA certificate at Gloucester University. I enjoy travelling, country walks and sunny days and am passionate about meeting folk and making friends. Let's make our time together interesting and fun!

J R Tolkien based the Shire's landscapes, climate, flora, fauna, and place names on rural England where he lived, first in Worcestershire as a boy, then in Oxfordshire.

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